by John Moot

Virtue explores the vulnerability and randomness of human existence through the lives of Tom and Hannah Holder, each of whom are grappling with midlife crises. Tom’s life unravels as he fends off attacks on his career, faces his estranged, cancer-stricken father and confronts a dark, hidden past. Hannah—sick of being a stay-at-home and fearing for her troubled teenagers—chooses to reclaim her life and rescue her children from an increasingly toxic situation. Will their marriage survive the most tumultuous year of their adult lives?
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“Moot writes with a succinct eloquence… [Virtue is] a carefully conceived and sharply written novel with characters that are impossible not to root for. A compelling family tale with convincing, psychologically perceptive writing.”

John Moot

John left his east coast law practice in 2017 and moved west to marry his longtime sweetheart, Lara Skidmore, but she was soon stricken with cancer and died. Her undying love and inspiration drove him to write Virtue and dedicate it to her. He lives on Lake Oswego, Oregon, with his two dogs and represents domestic violence victims pro bono.
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